Sunday, March 18, 2012

Diana's Bath Hike

Today was a gorgeous day - unseasonably warm and sunny. We decided to spend the day up north. No trip to North Conway is complete without a walk in the woods. Sassy Sis has been resisting the pack so we needed a hike that would be easy for her to walk.We decided on Diana's Bath - an easy .6 mile (one way) hike to a cascade of water falls.

Diana's Bath is a great hike for a young family. In the summer you can take a dip in the swimming hole - today we opted to just toss some rocks into the rapidly moving water.....and of course get our feet wet!

The trail was a bit more difficult today since it was still snow covered and slippery in places due to the melting and refreezing.
The water fall was moving at a good clip and mesmerized the little ones.

Sassy Sis walked the whole way in and spent a long time playing around at the falls.
She managed to walk for about 1/4 of the return hike. I was pretty proud of her - it was a valiant effort on her part, especially considering she had the stomach flu at the beginning of the week and it was bordering on nap time.

We'll look forward to heading back to Diana's Bath during the summer when we can picnic at the falls ( at the picnic tables nearby) and possibly even wet
our toes in the water!

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