Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Candy Cane Bathroom Paint

Recently I came across a fabulous site that just specializes in bathtub sensory experiences! What fun ideas!  Be sure to check out Bath Activities for Kids for tons of theme based ideas that can easily be done in your tub.

Now tubby time in my house is usually daddy time however, when daddy is working late or has a meeting I take over!  Adding anything besides two children, a washcloth, shampoo/soap and a few bath toys to the tub would send him RIGHT over the edge so I have to be the one to add in the fun!

We started off simple, with Candy Cane Bathroom Paint/Foam.  The best part was I had everything I needed to make this at home: shaving cream, peppermint extract/oil, and red food coloring.

My two were VERY excited when I presented them with our tubby time addition!

The kids loved painting themselves and each other.  Then the OWL practiced painting his name. We took turns saying letters and writing them on the wall. 

As the paint entered into the water it turned our bathtub into a pink and white swirl candy cane of it's own.  The kids were ecstatic and the bath room smelled just like Christmas!  It was perfect! 

I can't wait to go back and find some more fun ideas - my two loved it and I'm hooked!  
Looks like I'm in luck for more Christmas/Winter Tub ideas since it is Christmas Week on their site and they will be presenting a different idea each day!

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