Sunday, April 15, 2012

Mud Pie Kitchen

Ok, I'll admit it. I L.O.V.E. Pinterest! I'm a visual person and love all of the ideas! Lately, we've been working to create more play areas for our little ones in the backyard. I've noticed lots of ideas on how to create a mud pie kitchen. Perfect. The Owl LOVES mud!

We had play house that wasn't getting too much use. I was actually contemplating selling it to make more room in our backyard. Then I realized it was perfect to convert to a mud pie kitchen.

All it took to transform our playhouse to a mud pie kitchen was a quick trip to the dollar store and my cupboards! The Owl helped me hit some nails into the inside walls to hang some of our new spoons and measuring cups. We added a bucket of play sand, some bowls, a bucket of water, and some old cake and cupcake pans. Easy peasy.

Seriously, less than $10 and it brought new life to a forgotten "toy". My two have spent HOURS in the last few days pouring, scoping, mixing, making, decorating mud pies.

They have worked together in their kitchen - chatting away about their creations. I love listening to their little escapades. It is times like this I will cherish forever.

Mud pie anyone? They are delicious....

Now don't worry if you do have a play house-they are many easy ideas on how to make a mud pie kitchen in your own backyard. Most just require a little space, a rummage through your garage and a trip to your local thrift store.

Check out my pinterest outdoor/summer play board here for mud pie kitchen ideas as well as other ideas for back yard fun!

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