Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Outdoor Easel

A few weeks ago, while visiting a good friend, we were talking about Sassy Sis' upcoming birthday. Of course the topic of presents came along. My friend's DH is a talented DIYer and I threw out the suggestion of an outdoor easel for Sassy Sis. Now, let it be known that Mr. H has a soft spot for Sassy Sis - and a few days later an easel was built and ready to be delivered for her party.

All I showed Mr. H. was this picture:

It is from one Play At Home Mom one of my favorite blogs - so many great ideas!

And this is what arrived at Sassy Sis' 2nd birthday party:

It was perfect!

The "glass" is plexi-glass so you can paint directly on it and then hose it down! Mr. H. used outdoor paint so it will be perfect to spend the summer outdoors. He even included a paint holder on each side so both the Owl and Sassy Sis can paint at the same time.

Now don't worry, if you are like me and need DETAILED instructions to make anything! There are numerous examples of these outdoor easels online. Take a look on my pinterest board for more ideas and detailed tutorials.

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