Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sherman Farm - Fall Fun!

Fall is my favorite time of year!  I love the cool crisp air, outdoor activities, the harvest, pumpkin picking, tractor rides and all the fun that comes with the season.  Sherman Farm has managed to take everything fall and compile it into their farm courtyard with corn maze.

The farm offers, easily, 2+ hours of family fun.  We spent 3.5 hours there this past weekend and only left to fit in that ever so important nap time!  Normally, we travel the 1.5 hours to visit however (totally worth it)  however,since we've been in the area for a week this year we lucked out with only a 15 minute drive. 

Admission is $6 for the courtyard, $9 for courtyard and large maze.  Children 2 and under are free.  We opt for the courtyard only.  There is more than enough to do and it includes a mini maze which is perfect for our little two.

This year's newest attraction was the jumping pillow - the little ones loved it! It was just like jumping on a bed - even adults can take a try!

A favorite was the cow train ride.  I can remember the first year we came and the OWL was only 13 months old.  My poor DH had to wedge himself in with the OWL to ride.

The corn cannon was a big hit with not only OWL, but also the DH.  With admission we each received a token which was good for 3 shots - normally these are 3 shots for a $1.00.  Even though the DH was VERY focused and VERY serious about his corn cannon skills, it was the OWL who hit a target and won a prize!

Another new adventure is the gravy train.  This tractor ride goes around the farm with no stops - a perfect option for those that want to avoid the pumpkin patch. 

Of course, if you want to hit the pumpkin patch ( pumpkins are 45/55 cents per lb depending on weight) the big tractor ride is for you!

And there are plenty of pumpkins, of all sizes, to pick from!

One of the simplest activities, but one loved the most is the corn bin.  There are two - one for babies/toddlers and one for older kids.  My two loved pouring, scooping, and burying each other!

A farm visit isn't a farm visit without a petting zoo!  Feed is available (25 cents) to feed the cows, goats, and pigs!

There are also lots of great photo spots while on the farm!

Of course, all of this outdoor fun is sure to make you hungry!  There are plenty of picnic tables to either enjoy your own lunch or to purchase some of the yummy food the farm has to offer.  This year they had kettle corn, cider doughnuts, burgers, hotdogs, fries, chicken tenders and more to choose from!

So, whether you're five minutes away or have a longer drive, the trip to Sherman Farms is well worth it.  It is well cared for, well organized place that is fall fun for the whole family! 

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