Thursday, October 4, 2012

Finger Painting in a Bag!

 After our Preschool Arts and Literacy club did a project with painting in a bag I knew I needed to do it again! We decided to make some fall leaves - perfect for decorating our home.  For this project all you need are some gallon size plastic bags, assorted paint colors, and full cutouts from cardstock or heavy paper. 

Simply, put your cut out shape in the plastic bag.  Then add some globs of paint.

The the fun begins, all you need to do is spread out, smear, push, and squish the paint all around, trying your best to cover over the entire shape. This turns into a great color mixing activity as well. The best part....the mess stays IN the bag!

Now the actual painting portion of this project is mess free.  However, the mess does happen when you pull out the shapes, put in a new shape, and add paint.  Of course, my little ones had to be part of the switching...and the paint pouring....and well you get it, we got messy!

Our final products were beautiful - they were a melody of all fall colors.

My two LOVE when I use their art work to decorate our home.  These were perfect to use to make a garland.  All I needed to do was punch a hole in them, string through some ribbon.  And now they are part of our fall decoration in our play/school room!

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