Sunday, January 8, 2012

Snowmen...No Snow Required!

We've been patiently waiting for snow here. The little ones are ready to be outside making a snowman to watch over our front lawn. On October 30th we were able to make this fella....

Crazy, right? Enough snow to make a snowman on Halloween Eve.

Now it is January and we barely have a dusting on the ground. The little ones want to make a snowman, but we have to make do with the paper variety. Luckily, pinterest came to our rescue with many snowman project ideas. Hopefully, these will holdover Owl and Sis until Mother Nature obliges and provides us with a good ole fashion snowstorm.

Egg Carton Snowmen
This craft was perfect due to its simplicity. Even Sassy Sis ( 21 months) could do this independently.

Egg cartons
Cotton balls
Construction paper or Craft foam
Googly Eyes
Pom-poms or other embellishments

1. Cut one egg carton into four pieces - each piece with 3 cups. Trim down the sides.

2. Apply glue to the inside of each section of the carton and press in cotton balls.

3. Owl used a hole punch to make the dots for the mouths. ( I've noticed his hand strength needs work so this is a great activity for him!)

4. Embellish and decorate snowman!

Sissy is ALL about being independent these days. This was a perfect craft for her!

I loved that this craft not only ended in a seasonal decoration, but it also helped with some of the fine motor skills we're working on with Owl. This particular craft had him using the small hole puncher, my large craft puncher, and scissors as well as lacing with yarn! Perfect!

1. 3 paper plates.
2. Construction Paper
3. Yarn

Love that the supply list is short and sweet!

1. Owl helped punch the holes around the top plate. Then he laced
yarn through the holes.

2. Using a 1.5 inch round craft punch he punched out eyes out of black construction paper and buttons out of scrapbook paper.

3. Glue on snowman's face, buttons, and hat.

4. Punch holes to connect each plate with string.

We decided to hang this on the door at the bottom of our staircase. Owl loves when his art work is on display at our home and proudly shows everyone whom enters his snowman!

Salt and Glue Snowman Art

Messy, but fun!
Found this idea here.


1. Card stock
2. Glue
3. Salt
4. Embellishments

1. First, I drew the outline of a snowman on the cardstock.

2. Using the glue trace over the lines and fill in the sections of the snowman with glue.

Owl did great controlling the glue bottle and going over the lines. Squeezing the glue bottle is a great fine motor exercise with him and will increase his hand stability and strength.

Sissy need some help staying on the outline, but did a great job filling in the circles with her glue!

3. Sprinkle salt all over your glue outline.

Or in Sissy's case throw handfuls of salt all over the glue outline!

4. Let your snowman dry. Depending on how much salt you used it could take about 24 hours.

5. Glue on a nose ( pipe cleaner), eyes, and buttons for embellishment.

So there you go. Three ways you can make a snowman, no snow needed. Hopefully, snow will be on its way here soon. It doesn't seem like a New England winter without it!

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