Thursday, May 17, 2012

Car Wash

The weather has FINALLY realized it is spring.  The rain has stopped and the sun is shining.  For my little ones this means....water play.  I came across this idea at one of my favorite blogs Happy Hooligans. 

First we set up shop.  Warm soapy water, clean water for rinsing and towels to dry.  You can also use  a tray of shaving cream to "wash your cars.  Owl's eyes just about bugged out of his head when he came outdoors and saw this set up.  

We have no shortage of cars, trucks, construction equipment to be washed.

Rinse station - I was surprised at how much water actually stayed in the bucket - he was VERY serious about his car cleaning tactics!

The Owl was mesmerized with the process.  He asked for a sponge, "to scrub the dirt off" and got right down to work.  Winter grime, paint, play-doh was washed right off.

Rinsing his nice and clean cars.....

And lastly, the towel dry....

Owl loved the activity.  I loved getting all of his small vehicles washed after a long winter of use. Hmmm, I wonder if we can rig something up tomorrow for all of his large sandbox trucks which  are now filthy from all of the rain? 

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