Saturday, May 19, 2012

The WOW Trail

The Owl loves riding his bike so we decided to try the WOW trail with our friends. The WOW trail is a non-motorized pathway in downtown Laconia.  It is a three phase project with phase one complete.  The completed part of the trail is 1.3 miles each way. 

Owl and Sassy Sis were both ready to hit the trail on their bikes.  I have to say I LOVE this tricycle my FIL purchased for Sassy Sis. She can "pedal" while I push her and you can even control the steering from your handle.

WOW is a great place to get on a trail for stroller users.  Even Sassy Sis decided to let her friend try out her tricycle while she hopped a ride!

The Owl on the other hand road the whole trail - 2.6 miles - on his bicycle. I was shocked - he really was a pedaling machine. 

2.6 miles can be long for little legs on bikes.  
Luckily mamas are great bike and toddler carriers.

Don't worry though, there are some benches and gardens along the way for a short break or rest.

You can see the trail map for the WOW Trail here.  The trail is a great resource in our area. There is easy parking at both ends of the trail. My only complaint about the trail is that there is a section of this phase when you leave the trail and have to go on the sidewalk along Messer Street - crossing   some  side streets.  Otherwise, it is a fabulous place to let the little ones run, bike, skip, hop all of their energy out! 

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