Sunday, May 13, 2012

West Rattlesnake Mountain Hike

For Mother's Day I wanted to spend the day outdoors with my little ones so we chose a child friendly hike close to home.  Today we choice West Rattlesnake Mountain in Holderness. It was a perfect hike for our little family.

Information on West Rattlesnake - including driving directions, trail information, etc.  can be found here. 

Sassy Sis started out strong, walking up the well cared for trail.  She lasted about half way of the way up before she rode in trustworthy Ergo on Daddy's back. 

Overall, the trail was VERY well maintained.  During a large portion of the trail there were steps made right into the trail.  It made it very easy for my two to navigate their way up the trail.

Once at the top the views are can see all of Squam Lake and many of the surrounding mountain ranges.

 It makes a perfect backdrop for a Mother's Day photo.

However....BEWARE....the top is all rock ledge that drops right off.  Our rule quickly became, if you're roaming around, you MUST be holding an adult's hand! 

The rocks are a perfect place to stop and have a snack, enjoy the view, breathe it all in, and then pinch yourself when you realize this is your backyard!!

Overall, this is a great hike for families.  Even though Sassy Sis ended up in the carrier, the Owl did made it up and back on his own, quite easily.  The trail is well maintained and even though it is a steady climb up it is very doable for young children.  The views from the top are breathtaking. From car seat to car seat - with a sizable break at the summit, it took us just under two hours.

Happy Trails! 

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