Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bubble Painting

My love for Pinterest grows daily. There are endless amounts of projects, activities and ideas to be found there. In fact it is where I found this activity.

This was a simple craft that Owl loved.
The best part is you most likely have the supplies you need right at home.

You will need:
dish washing soap
paint ( we used tempera and acrylic)
cups - our cups were too large and we ended up switching to smaller cups.

Fill each cup half way with water, add generous squirts of both dish washing soap and paint.
Add more paint and soap as needed. I noticed with our larger cups that by the time the bubbles made it above the cup they had no color to them. When we switched to the smaller cups it worked much better.

Then start making bubbles...

When you become a pro bubble blower you can add two straws: double the straws, double the bubbles, double the fun!

Once you have a good set of bubbles push your paper down onto the bubbles. This will pop the bubbles, but the imprints will be left on your paper. We used cardstock paper which worked well.

Our finished bubble prints....

To get a start on Easter decorating I think I will cut these out into Easter egg shapes and make a garland out of them.

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