Friday, February 3, 2012

Winter Hiking at Ramblin' Vewe

I'm blessed that both of my little ones love to be outdoors - in all seasons. Owl, especially, loves to walk in the woods. Luckily there are many places here in the Lakes Region that have great hiking trials for young children.

One of our favorite places to walk through the woods is Ramblin' Vewe Farm in Gilford. They have a pretty extensive trail network that is perfect for walks with young children. In the winter, when we have enough snow, their trails are perfect for cross country skiing and snowshoeing. This past weekend we were able to hike through with just our snow boots.

While out hiking I always encourage Owl to notice the world around him. Since we frequent here often Owl does notice many changes in the woods.

He used his "binoculars" to search out the creature that was making noises we heard while hiking.

( His imagination amazes me!)

Of course, the views can't be beat...

A trip to Ramblin' Vewe isn't complete without a stop to say hi to it's furry residents.

During the summer the resident shepherd and his wife run a great little store on the farm where they sell homegrown eggs, lamb, veggies as well as adorable handmade gifts. Be sure to check out Shepherd's Hut Market during the summer months.

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