Saturday, February 4, 2012

Ice Collage

These natural ice collages are a perfect winter craft. ( I found my inspiration here). I love when I can tie a craft in with an experience and these were a perfect extension of our walk in the woods last week. While walking in the woods we collected some fallen pine cones, pine boughs, and red berries. Due to the freezing rain we had recently the trails were covered with just these materials. Owl and I had fun on our search, looking for neat items to pick
up and collect.

Once home we took some disposable pie plates ( 2 for $1 at Dollar Tree).....

and arranged our findings in them.

Then we looped a piece of twin into the pan - this will serve as our hanger.

Owl poured water into each of our four containers. I love the Montessori based idea of practical life practice, especially on trays, but for me it makes perfect sense to incorporate these types of activities in authentic learning experiences.

Then we put them outside to freeze over night.

In the morning we popped them out of the containers ( which can be reused) and hung them from our front porch.

Not only do they look beautiful and sparkle in the sunlight, but they also are a reminder of a very special afternoon I spent with my little guy walking in the woods.

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