Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Birthday Sensory Book

Some of the mamas in my busy bag exchange started a subgroup just for birthdays.  Each month we create birthday or party themed busy bags for the children in the group whom have birthdays.  This month we had three little ones who were turning one.

I know my little ones love books and at that age could be tough on books so thus came my idea for a personalized sensory book. These were easy to put together and used items I already had in "stock".

I found the cutouts in the teacher section of the Dollar Tree - I knew one day I would have the perfect project for them!  For each page I used some scrap-booking card stock I already had on hand. After I had my pages designed I laminated them before adding the sensory fun! 

After laminating the book, I used foam sticker letters to write out the child's name.

For more sensory fun, I hot-glued on a pom-pom to the top of the birthday and traced the number one with some glitter glue.

On the present I made a bow out of silky ribbon then hot glued it to the page.

Can't forget to use our sense of hearing to shout Happy Birthday - for some texture fun I traced over the accent lines of the noisemaker with some glitter glue.

Lastly, I made some pipe cleaner sprinkles that are hot glued on the page, and colored in the flame with more glitter glue!

To assemble I simply punched two holes into the books and used some yarn to tie them together!  

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