Thursday, June 28, 2012

Water Wall

We've been trying to add more interesting components to our playscape...aka our backyard. As much as I love taking my little ones on adventures there are days when we must or I like to just stay put.  Having some fun interactive elements in our yard always helps passes the day away. Of course, if water is added to anything, it is sure to be a blast.

All over Pinterest are tons of ideas for water walls.  I had a ton of recyclables in the garage and a husband willing to put up with yet another project.  We started with a project that costs us nothing!

This was a perfect project for the Wise Owl to help Daddy put together.
On an old piece of board my DH and the Owl simply screwed in various plastic containers.  Check out my Pinterest board Outdoor/Summer Playfor many water wall tutorials. 

The water wall has become a favorite component in our backyard.  Owl and his friends figured out if they put a bucket at the bottom of the wall they could capture the water and recycle it to use it over and over again. I love that I'm not filling buckets every few minutes.

We also decided to make a water ramp using gutters.  We simply purchased one piece of gutter and cut it into three equal pieces.  My husband then screwed it into the wall, making sure the angle was enough to have the water run down all three sections. 

The Owl loves not only pouring water down these sections as well as racing his cars down as well.

For less then $10 we cleaned out my recyclables in the garage, created a new component in our playscape and created some fun water play that will keep my little ones entertained for hours this summer!  

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