Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Felt Food Exchange

Luckily, I belong to a great Mama's group - Lakes Region Mamas on www.  with lots of creative mamas! A bunch of us got together last night for a felt food exchange.  I've been wanting to make some new felt food for our play kitchen, but making lots of different food is daunting for me.  I'm a novice on the sewing machine and hand stitching just doesn't call my name! So, a felt food exchange it was - I only had to "master" one type of food, but I would receive 10 different foods in return!

Last month, our group did much larger busy bag exchange, but for the felt food I decided to keep the group smaller.  There were 11 mamas in the group.  We each made a different type of food.  

The rules were simple:
1. Once you commit to coming you must come!
2. Create 11 of the same product.
3. Pick one food type to make.  This may be a group of food ( breakfast, sandwich, pizza, etc.) or a single food item.
4. You must have at least 3 pieces in what you are going to exchange with each person.  So you can have a three piece set or 3 of one food item.
5. Put together the quality of food you want to receive in return.
6.  Have fun! 

Make your own pizza - with a huge bag of pizza toppings to go with it.  I think we'll be having playing pizza parlor soon!

We had a bakery set of baguette, doughnuts, and a frosted sugar cookie.

Adorable strawberries and a pancake with syrup and butter.

Raviolis - perfect for soup or a bowl of pasta!

Tea anyone?  Tea bag, scone with cream and jam and  a lemon slice! 

Chocolate, strawberry or vanilla - your choice!  Perfect treat for a warm summer day! 

Bow tie pasta and sauce - my little ones will love making one of their favorite meals.

Apple, watermelon, and banana slices -let's make a fruit salad!

Chinese food - all packaged in a take-out container and chopsticks! 

Bag of ruffled chips - now I may need to sew up a sandwich to go with it! 

Fortune cookies - with their very own sweet sayings inside. 

I was amazed at the love and creativity that went into all of the food - and glad that all I needed to do was master my chips and bags!  Owl and Sassy Sis loved waking up to a buffet of new felt food waiting for them  this morning! 

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