Friday, July 20, 2012

A Walk Around Quincy Bog

We've had a week of very hot and humid days, but luckily today was a perfect day for an outdoor adventure. We headed north to Quincy Bog in Rumney, just about 10 minutes off of Tenney Mountain Highway in Plymouth.  What a fabulous find!  Part of the adventure, which my two loved, was crossing  NH Covered Bridge #44, Smith Covered Bridge  over the Baker River on our way there.

Information ( trail maps, nature programs, flora/fauna guides, directions) about the Bog can be found here

At the parking lot  was an information board chuck full of interesting facts about the bog.  Recent animal, flora and fauna sightings were listed as were maps, wildlife guides, etc.  Looking at the information board at the trail head has become quite popular with our little group!

Around our very first corner of the hike, brought flashbacks to a recent hike where Sassy Sis ended up in the marshlands.  Ahead of us, as far as the eye could see, were planks crossing over outlying parts of the Bog.

Luckily, Sassy Sis stayed on the planks, bridges, and walkways - which made up at least 50% of the hike.  She's learning and ALL of the helpful reminders from her hiking friends helped her as well, I'm sure.

The walk here was easy.  It was just over a mile and level ( aka flat) the whole way.  It made for a nice leisurely  walk which resulted in our little one really taking notice of the plants and animals living in this environment.

Sassy Sis made sure to keep us on the blue trail at all times.  The trail loops around the bog, beginning and ending at the simple/barebones nature center.

Tadpoles, bull frogs, water bugs, water lilies, and beaver chomped tree stumps were all noticed today!

We stopped many times to have a closer look at something interesting someone else found.

The kids liked seeing that we were walking around in a circle, around the outside of the bog.  

The ever popular snack swap stop!

 So proud of Sissy today as she paid attention and stayed on the path/bridges/walkway the whole walk!

Once back at the nature center - we went inside to see some simple displays of the animals and plants which call this habitat home. The numerous pairs of binoculars were VERY popular.  The little ones enjoyed watching a great blue heron in the middle of the bog.  They also enjoyed getting a closer look at the beaver lodge!

Overall, Quincy Bog was a fabulous walk out in nature with our little ones.  All of the different animals and plants kept their attention and peaked their curiosity.  The planks, boardwalks, and wooden bridges also made it an exciting area to explore.  We'll definitely be back! 

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