Sunday, July 8, 2012

Craft Bag Exchange

One of the mother's in my Mama's Group suggested a craft bag exchange - what a fabulous idea. Since our busy bag exchange was such a success, I offered to organize and host the swap.

 What's a craft bag? Simply, it is a prepped craft in a ziploc bag, pretty simple, right? Each mama had to select a craft, prep all the materials for the craft, and assemble a ziploc bag with: picture of finished craft, directions, and materials.

 We had 18 mamas sign up and a total of 22 craft bags. Some of us mamas with two children decided to do two different bags, so we could collect two of each bag at the exchange. That way each of our children would have a  bag when it came time to crafting.

  The rules were simple: 
 1. Pick a craft 
 2. Compile and prep all of the materials you will need for this craft. 
 3. Put materials and directions ( which includes a photo of the finished product) in a ziploc bag.
 4. Make the same bag for each participant in our exchange. 
 5. Make the quality of bag you would like to receive in return.

As a group we decided  that crayons, colored pencils, glue, and scissors would NOT be supplied in bags - all other items needed for the craft would need to be included in the bag.

The swap went off without a hitch!  Everyone showed up and everyone made high quality bags.  Everyone also made an extra bag for a dear friend who is going through treatment for chronic Lyme Disease.  (See her story here. ) These are the bags I ended up with!  WOW....that is a lot of fun art activities to do with the little ones this summer! 

I started a Craft Bag Exchange board on Pinterest.  Some, but not all of the ideas for the craft bags came from there.  I have lots of other crafts on other boards, too that would work well for this!

Here's each bag from our swap, with a link ( if available) to a full tutorial!  Enjoy!

Frog Felt Purse

Americana Window Box Collage - an original idea by my friend Kristin!

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