Saturday, July 14, 2012

Farm Sensory Tote

For the past two weeks we've been studying the letter F. 
 ( A post is coming soon with all of our F activities).  Of course, we needed to have a themed sensory tote to go with our letter study.  Even though most of our letter F study centered around Fire/fireman - I knew that a farm sensory tote would be very welcomed and let's not overlook the fact that it was easy for me to put together!!

Here it us our $3 Farm Sensory Tote.....

Everything we needed for this tote we had on hand, other then the filler.  I purchased two large bags of popcorn kernels and one bag of yellow lentils for a whooping $3.

Another view....

Tote Items:

Mini John Deere Barn
John Deere Tractors
Hale Bales
Wooden Fence
Wooden and Plastic Farm Animals
Plastic Fence
Crops - twisted pieces of green pipe cleaner pushed into brown play-doh.
Feed Buckets - mini play-doh container filled with green raffia
Water Troughs - lids of mini play-doh containers with a little bit of water. 

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