Monday, July 9, 2012

Hamlin Park Hike

Today we headed to Hamlin Park, off of Chemung Road, in Meredith for our hike.  It was  the perfect place to get out in the woods for a bit.  All  of our little ones weren't on their "A" game today.  After a week of late nights due to fireworks, family and friends visiting, and the craizness of summer days, they were all a bit tired. Luckily, Hamlin Park, is mostly a stroll through the woods, which was just what we needed today.

We did the blue loop trail.  It was a mostly level 1.2 mile walk through the woods. Information, including a color coded map with explanations on each trail, can be found here.  There were also printed maps available at the trialhead.

The trail had lots of great bridges - of which the Sassy Sis fell off of NONE! In fact, she stayed on the path and was in the same condition at the end of the hike as she was at the beginning.  Some of my friends say I should take a prehike photo of Sis and then another picture at the end of the hike.  Usually, she is disshelved, bowless, and covered in mud/muck at the end of the hike.  Today, she just ended bowless.  Ahh, maybe my little girl is finally growing up some and learning to stay on the path!!

There were lots of great climbing rocks for the Owl and his buddy P - or Super Girl and Super Boy - as they were referring to each other today!  

The trail was well maintained. There were some muddy areas, but most of them had sturdy wooden bridges over them. They were well marked as well.  In fact Sassy Sis was able to help us keep on the blue trail - our trail of choice today.

There were lots of other trails, to many different ecosystems.  We will definitely need to go back again to explore more of the area. It truly is the perfect place for little ones to explore!

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