Sunday, January 29, 2012

Valentine's Place Mats

I've started pulling out our Valentine's Day decorations and Owl is all over decorating with them.
He loves putting up new decorations and loves it even
more when the decorations were made by him.
It wasn't long before he asked to make a heart project.

Considering it was Sunday and my husband was home I knew it needed to be a non-messy craft. When the glitter and paints come out my DH starts to twinge and shake at the thought of a mess.

These contact paper place mats were the perfect project. Easy to prep which was good for me, little to no mess which would keep the DH calm. The best part was that I had everything we needed on hand. See, that stockpile of craft supplies does come in handy every so often!


First you need to cut two pieces of contact paper - the size of your place mat.
Take the backing of the first piece and lay it sticky side up on your table.

Then cut various size hearts out of paper. I used regular construction paper, scrapbook paper, newspaper, and heart shaped doilies.

I helped Owl cut ribbon to use as a border for our place mat. Do not put your ribbon right up to the edge of the contact paper. You need to have a border of contact paper exposed when you put on your top piece.

Then he pressed down the hearts where he liked them.

Once you have your hearts down you will peel the backing off of your second piece of contact paper and put the sticky side down, rubbing it until any air bubbles are out and it is all firmly stuck together.

Owl enjoyed making his so much that he suggested making one for Sassy Sis.
She'll be very happy when she wakes up from her nap to find out that her big brother has a special Valentine's gift for her.

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