Monday, January 23, 2012

3,2,1 Learning Numbers is Fun!

We've been focusing on knowing our numbers, 1-10.
Today we've practiced identifying the numerals 1-10 many ways.

Sand Paper Numbers

First we started with our new sandpaper numbers which I purchased from etsy.

Owl loves these. I love the tactical experience they provide for Owl. I model tracing the number with my index finger repeating the number aloud, then hand the number to Owl so he can do the same. When we first started number recognition we started with just 0-3, adding a few more numerals until we reached 0-10.

Number Puzzles

Owl is really into puzzles these days. We used #1-10 from The Learning Journey's Addition Cards. First, Owl made the match of numerals and pictures.

Then we put our matched pairs into numerical order.

Grid Game

Grid games are perfect for number recognition, 1:1 correspondence and fine motor work ( rolling of the dice). These can be used alone or as a game where two people each have their own grid. To use the grid you roll the dice, count out your manipulatives ( we used poker chips) and then place one manipulative over each picture. You play until your whole grid is covered. You can easily make your own grid with stickers. I found these ( to go along with our snowman theme) here.

Number Cards

The finished product...

I gathered 10 different styles of foam stickers, 55 in total. 10 of one kind, 9 of another and so on.

First Owl had to separate the kinds of foam stickers into piles.

After he chose which pile he wanted to work on first he counted the foam shapes to see how many there were. Then he went and found the matching number sheet.

Afterwards he stuck the foam stickers on the number sheet. Peeling the stickers is another great fine motor activity! These are so versatile. You can line them up on the floor in correct number order or string a clothes line and hang them up in numerical order. I'm looking forward to using this for some future activities. Owl always loves when we use materials he has made!

Kumon Writing Practice

I'm not a huge fan of workbooks or of worksheets however, there is a time and place for some written practice. My favorite type of workbook practice is KUMON. There materials are top-notch. We work on a couple pages at a time to reinforce our numbers as well as continue working on our prewriting and writing skills.

"The Kumon Method introduces learning concepts in an incremental, step-by-step approach, allowing children to master new skills easily and without anxiety or frustration."-Amazon.

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