Thursday, January 12, 2012

Snowman Blocks

We've had a low key week here.
In fact this picture pretty much sums it up....

Owl caught the stomach bug that is working its way around our parts.
It was a week of staying in jammies all day and not straying far from the fire.

Luckily we were still able to do some learning activities.
Both of my little ones love listening to stories. So stories and art activities it was.

We've been focusing on the letter S this past week. Luckily, as a former classroom teacher I have a book or two (or a basement full) of picture books. Today we read....

Owl set up our classroom for the day.
Three pillows one each for Owl, Sassy Sis, and me......

After reading the story we made our own snowmen - these adorable snowman blocks.
( These were inspired by an idea found here)

Not only are these cute, they are also super simple. Sassy Sis need limited help with these.

3 small storage containers - ( I found mine at Dollar Tree)
Googly eyes
Cotton balls
Black and orange foam or construction paper
Hole punch and scissors

Unfortunately, I don't have any action shots of putting these together. I'm still learning to work with both my 21 month old and 3 year old while using my camera all at the same time!! But the steps are easy......

1. Fill three containers with cotton balls.
2. On one container glue two googly eyes and a nose.
3. Use the hole punch ( great fine motor activity) to make buttons from black foam.
4. Glue buttons onto two of the containers.
5. Enjoy!

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