Sunday, January 8, 2012

For the Birds

Owl has been under the weather the last few days with the stomach flu so we've been laying low. I've been trying to find quiet & simple activities to do with him while we've been stuck indoors.

Thanks to the world wide web it was easy to find something that
was seasonally appropriate, fun and simple.

Pipe Cleaner Bird Feeders
( I found this project idea here.)


Pipe Cleaners
Cheerios ( or similar round cereal)
Yarn or String ( to hang feeders)

1. To start make a loop on one end of your pipe cleaner. This will be the bottom of the feeder.

2. Then start stringing the cheerios onto the pipe cleaner.

Once Owl figured out to put the pipe cleaner through the cheerio and then to push them down the cleaner it actually went pretty easy. Once you get to the end of the pipe cleaner just loop up the bottom and twist.

I tried to help Sassy Sis make one but....

All she seemed interested in doing was eating the Cheerios!

After we had a few feeders made we headed outdoors to hang them on a crab apple tree in our backyard.

Now let's hope the birds find them soon!

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