Thursday, January 5, 2012

Ice Exploration

The weather has been COLD here. Freezing Cold.
Which means we've been staying inside more.
I decided it was time to take advantage of the cold and
break out some science experiments.

So we made ice.

Ice Exploration Science Experiment

Different sized paper/plastic cups
VERY cold weather
Food coloring ( optional)
Little plastic figurines (optional)

First, we practiced our pouring skills by filling the various cups
with water.

Then, for fun, we added food coloring and some plastic figurines ( from Dollar Tree)
to our cups of water.

While prepping our materials I had a conversation with OWL about ice. I wanted to introduce the concept of freezing. He understood that water turns to ice when there is cold!

After our cups were ready we brought them outside.

(Photo by OWL)

Side Note: There were more red solo cups on the rail. When my husband came
home he moved the cups off the railing because he said it looked like we were having a kegger with all the red cups on the rail!

We checked on the cups a few times before bedtime and then again in the morning.

Then the fun began...

After protecting my living room floor with a vinyl table cloth and several large towels we emptied the cups into a disposable roasting pan. OWL then began the quest to free the frozen plastic animals from the ice. He used his hammer and screwdriver to chisel away at the ice. Then we talked about salt and how it helps melt ice. The salt was applied in mass quantities.

OWL chiseled and hammered away. He noticed the ice turning back to water and understood the concept of melting.

OWL tried many tools to help him excavate the plastic animal figures from the ice. He concluded the plastic BBQ brush wasn't effective. Of course, it didn't stand a chance against the hammer!

Once the plastic animals were found, the ice was chopped and melting so the construction equipment was brought out. Play continued with our very own sensory bin!

These toys are super for messy projects ( play-dough and painting) since they aren't expensive and can be easily washed.

Oliver loved this activity. It was perfect for a cold winter's day!

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