Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Word Work - Name Recognition

One of my goals this month is for OWL to learn how to spell his name.
With all materials on hand I came up with this activity.

For each letter of his name I put foam letter stickers ( found at Walmart, Dollar Tree, Joanne's etc.) on a baby food jar.
Luckily I had a friend who gave me these jars, but you could always use these.

Task One: Unscrew the lid off of each jar. This is a great fine motor exercise.

Task Two: Sort the letters of his name into the appropriate jar. I had 5 sets of each letter. We reviewed the letter as he was putting it in each jar. This works on letter recognition, sorting, and 1:1 correspondence.

Task Three: Take one of each letter, peel the sticker label off the letter, and spell out your name on a piece of card stock.

Peeling the sticker backs off is a GREAT fine motor activity. Placing the letters in the order of his name will help with name recognition and letter recognition.

Of course we needed to add some winter decoration.

And the final product:

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