Saturday, January 14, 2012

Smiling Snowman

As a former elementary classroom teacher I understand the importance of building schema, since schema and comprehension are directly related. Thus, the reason I'm constantly trying to expose my children to many different experiences. The best part of building schema is that you can do it without leaving your own home.

We read lots of picture books in our home - books that show different ways of life/experiences.

One of my favorite winter books is

Source: Amazon

It's hard to believe it is the 50th anniversary of this great picture book. I love that this book shows what a snow day is like in the city, especially since we live in a small town. I'm always surprised at what my little ones notice while reading books. Sometimes they latch onto details I barely notice. In this story it was the smiling snowmen the little boy made.

So we made smiling snowmen.........

Owl was very proud of his snowman that he completed all by himself.

And Sassy Sis' snowgirl! ( Love all of the sparkly buttons she had to include!)

Full tutorial of how to make cotton ball snowman found here.

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